GC G-aenial Bond 5ml Bottle Refill, EEP


One Component Self-Etching Light-Cured Adhesive

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With the selective etching approach, G-ænial bond offers the best of both worlds: the simplicity and reduced post-operative sensitivity of a self-etch adhesive together with the greater bond strength that was traditionally found only with etch & rinse adhesives. The dimethacrylate monomer increases its permeability into enamel and dentin, while the increased level of phosphate ester monomer optimizes etching. The resulting nano-interaction zone – and the HEMA-free formulation are key factors for the superior and long-lasting bond strength.


  • Can be used as self-etch adhesive or with selective etching of enamel
  • Creation of a nano-interaction zone for superior bond strength to both enamel and dentin
  • Excellent marginal integrity regardless of the technique and the composite material
  • HEMA-free for a long-lasting bond
  • Clinical reliability proven in independent tests

How to use
Leave undisturbed for 10 seconds after application. Dry thoroughly for 5 seconds under MAXIMUM air pressure and light cure for 10 seconds.
For the selective etching approach, apply 35% – 40% phosphoric acid on enamel for 10 seconds prior to the application of the bonding.


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