GC Revotek LC, Introductory Set


Temporary C&B Material

GC Revotek LC, the first single-component light-curing composite resin for temporary restorations delivered as a stick. Fabricating high quality temporary inlays, onlays, crowns, veneers and bridges has never been this easy before.

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  • Delivered as a stick
         No mixing and no pre-impressions
         Direct modellation in the mouth
         For 60 average size inlays or 30 average size crowns
  • Light-cured
         Working and setting times are determined by the operator
  • Easy removal from the mouth
  • Strong and durable
         Highly wear resistant
         Negligible risk on fractures
  • Low shrinking
         Perfect fit
  • Composite material
         Absence of exothermic heat
         No odour or chemical irritation

How to use
Cut, shape and cure


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