GC Stick


Fibre reinforcements for composites and acrylics

GC Stick provides a strong, aesthetic and profitable solution for strengthening composites and acrylics. It is made of silanated E-glass fibres embedded in a polymer matrix. This reinforcement can be used with light-cured, chemically-cured and dual-cured resins and composites, as well as with powder-liquid acrylics. The unidirectional Stick fibre bundle adds strength and stiffness to the material in the direction of the fibres.

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  • Solution for a wide range of indications
  • Compatible with most composites and acrylics
  • Unique patented bonding
  • Low starting investments
  • Simple and time-saving fabrication method
  • As strong as metal
  • Metal free and aesthetic
  • Easy to repair
  • Extensive research data

GC Stick is especially recommended for dentures

  • New partial and full removable dentures
  • Denture repairs

And also for

  • Surface retained bridges
  • Inlay and onlay bridges
  • Implant supported bridges
  • Hybrid bridges
  • Temporary bridges
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