GC Opti Glaze 15 mL


Nanofilled Light Cured Protective Coating

GC has developed a new coating agent called Optiglaze which simplifies the finishing process by providing an aesthetic glossy surface on artificial teeth, removable dentures, temporary crowns and individual acrylic trays. GC Optiglaze is the solution for difficult to polish areas such as posterior fissures or interproximal areas of indirect composite restorations. So, instead of mechanical polishing, take the easier option and get a higher quality final gloss with Optiglaze.

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  • GC’s new nano-filler technology offering
    • High wear and discoloration resistance
    • Superior bonding durability
    • Long lasting gloss
  • Multiple indications
  • Time saving: apply and light cure!

GC Optiglaze is extremely easy to use offering the dental technician an easier option to obtain a higher gloss and smoothness on a wide variety of indirect restorations.

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