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Force Absorbing Hybrid Ceramic CAD/CAM Block

Precision, strength and flexibility… combined with an easy to use characterisation glaze.

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GC EUROPE is proud to present its first CAD/CAM Hybrid Ceramic Block for CEREC® milling machines. Benefiting from the best of hybrid technology, proprietary glass filler treatment and unique production process, CERASMART will impress you with the following advantages:

  • Strength and flexibility blend together
    • Highest flexural strength in its category
    • High flexibility to buffer masticatory pressure
  • Precision and durability unite
    • Fast and precise milling, sharp marginal adaptation
    • Ultra-fine homogeneously dispersed fillers for a long-lasting polish and less wear to the opposing dentition
    • High radiopacity for an easy follow-up
  • Aesthetics and CAD/CAM connect
    • Balanced fluorescence and opalescence
    • Easy to obtain a high gloss surface

Characterisation is very easy using the wear resistant coloring glaze, OPTIGLAZE color: pre-treat, apply and light-cure to adapt the shade as much as you wish.
GC recommends the use of CERAMIC PRIMER II for the pre-treatment of CERASMART.

CERASMART blocks are CEREC® compatible and are listed in the latest CEREC® software update.

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