GC DiaPolisher Paste


Diamond Polishing Paste

GC’s new DiaPolisher Paste has been developed to further enhance the aesthetic results of all yourG-aenial, Kalore, Gradia Direct or GRADIA restorations.

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Used as a final step after your usual polishing procedures, DiaPolisher Paste from GC will provide a higher gloss of any direct and indirect composite restorations. Polishing of occlusal surfaces as well as the maintenance of existing composite restorations becomes so much easier.


  • Superfine diamond particles (1μm) offering the highest effectiveness in a short time
  • Perfect glossy surface for beautiful results
  • Ideal surface smoothness, effective in avoiding plaque attachment and discoloration
  • Simplified handling: easy to clean off just by rinsing with water
  • Comfortable for the patient: mint flavour

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