GC G aenial Posterior Unitip


Light-cured radiopaque composite restorative

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Characteristics & benefits .
• Excellent aesthetics with just a single shade .
• For more demanding cases, adapted shade system with 4 standard shades and 2 outside shades .
• Adequate radiopacity of 252% Alfacilitates the follow-up .
• Non-sticky packable viscosity for better control contouring and building anatomical forms .
• High fracture toughness and reduced polymerisation shrinkage stress for long-lasting restorations .
• Easy and quick polish to a smooth, glossy surface .

How to Use:-
In class II cavities, it is recommended to first build the proximal wall with an enamel or a standard shade. Once the cavity has been transformed into a class I, continue building the rest of the restoration as usual, applying first the dentin part of the cusp and continuing with an enamel replacing layer.