GC Exafast NDS


Fast setting A-Silicone Impression Materials
GC Exafast represents a family of A-silicone impression materials developed to be consistently accurate, increase productivity and maximize patient comfort.

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 The GC Exafast NDS materials and the GC Exafast Putty allow you to produce very smooth and highly precise impressions in only around 2 minutes.


  • Fast setting
         Less time in the mouth and low risk of distortion due to movement during setting
  • Hydrophilic and thixotropic properties, high dimensional stability and uniform flow
         Exact reproduction of detail
  • High elasticity and tear resistant
         Easy removal from the mouth
  • Hydrogen-scavenger formulation
         Immediate pouring with gypsum
  • Very good adhesion to all GC A-silicone impression materials
         Part of a complete program of impression materials
  • New cartridge delivery system
         Homogeneous, bubble free mixing without crossover contamination

GC Exafast NDS in combination with other GC impression materials

Technique Injection Regular Monophase Putty
2 Materials, 2 Steps As wash material with GC Exajet Fast, GC Exafast Putty or GC Exaflex Putty     In combination with GC Examix NDS, GC Exafast NDS or GC Exaflex Injection
2 Materials, 1 Steps As wash material with GC Exafast NDS Monophase As wash material with GC Exajet Fast In combination with GC Exafast NDS Injection  
1 Materials, 1 Steps     GC Exafast NDS Monophase  

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