GC Aroma Fine Plus – Fast Set


Alginate Impression Material
Based on GC’s extensive knowledge of alginate materials, GC Aroma Fine Plus has been designed to offer users final impression of the highest quality combined with an easier and faster mixing.

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  • Advanced formulation
    • Easy and rapid powder incorporation into water within just 3 seconds
    • Dust free formulation allowing fast and vigorous mixing for a smooth mixture without bubbles
  • Ideal thixotropic property
    • Does not leak down the patient’s throat during impression taking
    • Under pressure the alginate flows into the narrowest spaces for highest detail reproduction
  • Laboratory optimized
    • Compatible with a wide range of type IV stones for a better detail reproduction
    • Smooth model surface
  • Spearmint flavour for patient comfort
  • Available in 2 setting types: Fast and Normal set