GC G-Coat PLUS, 4 ml Starter Kit EEP


Nanofilled Self-Adhesive Light-Cured Protective Coating
The unique formulation of GC G-Coat PLUS provides many clinical benefits.

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The homogeneously-dispersed nanofiller is an essential factor for the anti-wear property, whereas the adhesive monomer based on self etching technology creates the multi adhesive property to various substrates, such as conventional GIC, resin-modified GIC, resin materials and tooth structures.


  • Provides surface smoothness which reduces the risk of staining on restoratives
  • Prevents the initial sensitivity of GICs to water
  • Protects the margin of tooth and restorative
  • Improves wear resistance, especially for glass ionomer products
  • Compatible with different types of light-curing units (Halogen, LED, Plasma)

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