GC Essentia HiFlo Syringe, U-900740


Universal light-cured composite with high flowability
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Essentia HiFlo is a universal light-cured composite displaying a great wettability and adaptation, thanks to a very fluid viscosity. Based on 700nm barium glass fillers, this composite features a high radiopacity of over 300% and excellent physical properties, making it possible to use it for any cavity class.

Essentia HiFlo is available in the same Universal shade as Essentia LoFlo and Essentia Universal. Its great blending effect will make it match the natural tooth tissues in almost all your cases! Together, these three viscosities form a full solution for posterior restorations: one shade, but three strong options. As all viscosities are indicated for any cavity class, the clinician’s choice is purely based on which viscosity is most adapted to each case.


  • Direct restorative for Class I, II, III, IV and V cavities
  • Liner or base
  • Blocking out undercuts
  • Fissure sealant
  • Sealing hypersensitive areas
  • Repair of (in)direct aesthetic restorations, temporary crown & bridge, defect margins when margins are in enamel


  • Available in one Universal shade fitting most clinical cases – no shade selection needed and less inventory
  • Very fluid viscosity optimal for lining and small cavities
  • Great wettability and adaptation to the tooth tissues
  • Excellent flexural strength and wear resistance
  • The same Universal shade is also available in thixotropic (Essentia LoFlo) and paste (Essentia) viscosities