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Consistently high quality, reproducible aesthetics and economical working.

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Through the development of the Initial IQ – One Body – Concept, GC can now offer compact ceramic systems for the fast
and easy reproduction of the standard Vita® shades*. The approaches enable technicians to concentrate on form and function
and create vitality and a natural appearance with the Initial IQ Lustre Pastes NF, the newly developed 3-dimensional
ceramic stains, in the fi nal step. The GC Initial IQ – One Body approach stands for consistent quality and aesthetical results
time and again with fewer materials.
The ‘One Body’ concept is a simple and economical procedure where the contour is created with one body shade.
• Compatible with standard porcelain alloys as well as all Zr-based technologies.
• Available as layering or press system.
• Quick and easy to learn.
• Consistency and predictability in quality of work regardless of technique or material.