GC G aenial Posterior Syringe


Light-cured radiopaque composite restorative

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G-ænial is the material of choice when you are looking for a restorative that will meet the aesthetic expectations of all your patients – in most cases with only one shade. Being a forgiving composite that offers beautiful and natural looking high gloss restorations whilst being extremely easy to use, makes it a composite suited to everyday use. G-ænial also gives you more working time so you are free to shape and sculpt it to obtain the ideal anatomical form and aesthetics with ease.

G-ænial features a unique composition which provides an excellent chameleon effect and integration – in most cases with only one shade.

To replace enamel, G-ænial features an age-related shade system:
• Junior Enamel (JE) for young patients
• Adult Enamel (AE) for adult patients
• Senior Enamel (SE) for senior patients

G-aenial Posterior is formulated to provide both strength and low shrinkage stress to help reducing the risk of long term failure.
• Excellent aesthetics with just a single shade
• Adequate radiopacity of 252 % Al facilitates the follow-up
• Non-sticky packable viscosity for better control contouring and building anatomical forms