GC Fujivest Super liquid 900ml


Carbon-Free Phosphate-Bonded Investment

The carbon-free phosphate-bonded investment for precision castings of precious, semi-precious and Pd-base alloys, with special attention to complicated implant castings. GC Fujivest Super can be used in both quick heating and slow heating procedures.

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  • Carbon-Free
  • Quick Heat Method
  • Total Expansion up to 2.34 %
  • High fluidity and high wettability
         Excellent reproduction of details
  • Creamy consistency
         Easy to handle
  • Controlled setting and thermal expansion
         High precision fit
  • Easy de-vesting
  • Precise depiction
         Exact surface reproduction
         Precise castings
  • Economical
  • Special High Expansion Liquid

How to use
High accuracy for precious- and semi-precious alloys even for long span restorations. Please ask for special instructions for use in implantology techniques.

Instructions for Use