Permanent Molar Crown Set – 2 (48pcs)


Children deciduous preformed stainless steel crowns (referred children crown) is a preformed, and the teeth are very bonded stainless steel crowns. Set in the deciduous teeth can protect and enhance the strength of the teeth, it is possible to ensure the healthy milk teeth permanent teeth being replaced.

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Children with deciduous molar crown to restore the appearance and masticatory function, to prevent the replacement of normal shedding fracture fillings and secondary caries and tooth structure generation, child-jaw growth and permanent teeth inheritance.

Features and advantages
1.Designed specifically for Asian populations, precise bite structure, able to meet more than 80% of patients.
2.Transparent ceramic coating, highly polished, to avoid residual food residues
3. Pre-axis surface morphology formed to facilitate the molding of high profile points
4. Gingival margin of flexibility (heat treatment), easy to trim and contour forming. Under normal circumstances, without cutting trimming during installation, just a simple hem.
5. Strong and sound occlusal surfaces, abrasion resistance strong, tooth perforation rate.

Specifications Introduction
Emerging provide clinicians with the first deciduous molars and second primary molars children crown.
Crown represents the use of clinical records law: D- First Deciduous Molar E- second primary molars.
Each tooth has small to large, 6-fitting options.

1.Dental caries is difficult to obtain a wide range of resistance and shape retention form.
2.Tooth neck caries cause cavity is no longer prepared gingival wall.
3.A plurality of dental caries.
4.Enamel hypoplasia and partial crown fractured teeth.
5.Caries activity strong, prone to secondary caries.
6.Clearance holder for retainers.

Kids crown