GC SilverMix Amalgamator


GC’s Silver Mix electronic mixing machine is the perfect device to mix all of your Fuji capsules.

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Silver Mix operates with an ‘eight’ type vibration ideal for all amalgam capsules, composites and other encapsulated dental materials. Thanks to the safety cover and adjustable timer, every type of capsule will be mixed to perfection every time. This reliable machine is quiet with little vibration so will not distract the operator during use.

To mix your pre-dosed capsules simply place the capsule in the Silver Mix holder and close the safety lid. Press the ‘set’ button to adjust the time in increments of ten seconds. Press the start button and the machine will do the rest for you. An audible beep lets you know that your capsule is mixed and ready to use.

GC’s range of Fuji glass ionomers are available in capsulated presentations which offer your advantages over the hand mixed versions. Each capsule contains the precise amount of liquid and powder needed to ensure the perfect consistency every time, plus the angled nozzles on Fuji capsules allow you to easily and quickly place the material exactly where you want it.