GC Multipressvest Powder and Liquid


Carbon-Free Phosphate Bonded Investment For Pressable Ceramics

Investment material specifically adapted to multiple press ceramic techniques offered within the GC Initial PC pressable system and the GC Initial IQ – One Body, Press-over-Metal/Zircon system.

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  • Fine-grained phosphate bonded investment produces smooth and detailed pressings
  • Creamy consistency ensures easy and accurate investing
  • High thermal stability makes it suitable for the quick heating as well as for the conventional heat-up technique

Specially developed for multiple press ceramic techniques like

  • All ceramic press techniques with Initial PC: crowns, inlays and facings
  • Press ceramic over metal structures with GC Initial IQ – One Body, Press-over-Metal
  • Press ceramic over zirconium structures with GC Initial IQ – One Body, Press-over-Zircon

How to use
Easy to use in combination with the GC Silicone Ring System. The silicone rings are reusable and easy to clean. They allow natural expansion of the investment.

Instructions for Use
Leaflet Family