GC Initial Pressable


GC Initial PC, GC Initial LF – Multi-indication pressable ceramic system
Even when used with the ceramic press technique, the GC Initial Ceramic System links economy with aesthetics. Perfectly matched, multi-indication components enable you to work extremely efficiently and cost-effectively. GC Initial LF low-fusing is not only a stand-alone product, but there’s also no problem using it for finishing surfaces or together with the GC Initial PC press-ceramic variant in a complete full ceramic system. GC Initial is systematically versatile, simple, aesthetic, economical and reliable. For more details about GC PressINvest, see here

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One global concept – one shade system – one layering technique

  • All components are perfectly matched to each other
  • Cross-system logic for all materials and shade matching
  • Straightforward and identical concepts for the individual set components
  • Simple handling and short learning curve
  • Quick, aesthetic and economical results

Multiple indications even for pressable ceramic

  • All components have precisely matched thermal expansion coefficients
  • High wettability of framework structures, ensuring a secure bond
  • Optimized shrinkage properties, highest firing stability
  • GC Initial PC and GC Initial LF offer a complete full ceramic system
  • Effect materials for all the different staining and layering techniques
  • Extremely efficient and economical

For detail regarding set composition and refills please refer to individual leaflets.

Weight 1 kg