GC Fujivest Premium liquid 900ml


Carbon-Free Phosphate-Bonded Investment

Exact solutions for flexible needs: Fujivest Premium from GC.
Our new investment material for non-precious alloys: Versatile and robust.

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Versatile and robust – yet simple.

  • Suitable for all types of dental alloys, especially non-precious castings
  • Offers a wide expansion range of up to 3.5 % – implant complicated suprastructures with non-precious alloys is now safe and straightforward
  • Accommodates ringless techniques in both quick and slow-heating procedures

Exact castings and smooth surfaces – in one and the same solution.

  • New developments and reformulated GC Fujivest Premium powder mix lays the groundwork for superior final castings by substantially diminishing surface roughness, especially with non-precious metal alloys
  • Highly accurate fit due to easy liquid solution for optimal expansion control

User-friendliness – central to practically everyday use.

  • Fine-tuned to the needs of the modern dental laboratory
  • Due to a longer working plenty of time to invest more complex bridgeworks – even at higher room temperatures
  • High fluidity and smooth consistency
  • Robust investment but easy devesting

Reliable and consistent high quality for a perfect fit – every time.

  • Optimal expansion control without any material inconsistency

How to use:
GC Fujivest Premium is a carbon-free phosphate bonded investment for Crowns & Bridges, for use in both quick and step-heating procedure.
Suitable for all dental alloys with special attention to non-precious alloys.

Instructions for Use