GC Fujirock EP


The superior quality Type 4 dental die stone ideal for all kinds of prosthetics, with high precision, outstanding edge hardness and high pressure stability. Thus a precise model as a basis for precise prosthetics is achieved.

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  • Excellent physical properties
  • Short mixing time (about 1 minute)
         Fast and easy to use
  • Extended working time (over 8 minutes)
  • Short setting time (only 12 minutes)
  • Removable from cast after just 30 minutes
         Time saving
  • Highly fluid “thixotropic” properties
  • Low expansion (less than 0.08%)
         Precise detail reproduction
  • Immediate stability
         Perfect fit with the prosthesis

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How to use
One of the world’s most popular dental die stones GC Fujirock EP is available in four colours to meet the requirements of all demands for aesthetic and high quality dental die stones.

New Package design

  • Plastic handle for easy transportation
  • Re-closable hermetic sealing cover offering protection against humidity for optimal storage
  • More convenient to handle thanks to a retention at the bottom side for easier filling of gypsum dispensing and mixing devises
  • Robust and recyclable plastic – polypropylene
  • Multilingual Instructions for use

Instructions for Use