Whitepeaks Calidia Sintec 770 Argon Sintering Furnace


With the Calidia Sintec 770 you obtain a light, oxyde-free and secure sintering result. A special suction and air pressure cooling allow shorter sintering cycles of about 5 hours with low argon consumption. Binder residues in alloy and sintering tray are excluded due to the vacuum technology. Robust and long-living SiC heating elements, a double walled stainless steel case for low energy consumption and a low surface temperature of the furnace ensure an all around sustainable product with high efficiency!

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The furnace is individually programmable, but 3 pre-defined programms can also be used. The intuitive colour touch display is easy to handle.

Sinter up to 35 items simultaneously!

Technical data:

• internal dimensions: width 115 x height 116 x depth 120 mm
• external dimensions: width 350 x height 595 x depth 350 mm

• weight: 23 kg

• volume / L : 2,15L

• operating temperature: 1350 °C

• connected load: 3500 W

• max. increase rate: 15°C / m

• electric connection: alternating current

• voltage: 220 – 240 V or 110 V

• frequency: 50 / 60 Hz

• power plug: safety plug

• protection class furnaces: DIN EN 60519-2

• protection category furnaces: IP 20