Biokalgin Chromatic Pro Alginate Impression Material 453 gm


High precision alginate with advanced formulation to achieve the maximum level of detail reproduction. Gelmak Pro alginate is dust-free, thixotropic, dimensionally stable with extra elastic. Flavour: Peppermint Delivery forms: Gelmak Pro Chromatic Alginate Impression Material is available in 453g pouches. Contents: 25 Two-Scoop Regular Size Impressions Times for Clinical Use: Mixing Time ……………0’45” Total Working Time…..1’35” Initial Setting Time……2’05“ Setting Time…………….2’35” Setting time includes mixing time & working time based upon mixing of powder with demineralised water at 23oC-73oF. Temperature variation or water hardness can cause changes in the total working & setting time. Hot Water would reduce the setting time, while Cold Water would increase the setting time. Do not mix with any other product.

Non Colour Changing
Extra Elasticity
High Final Hardness