GC Retention Beads II, Set


Composite Resin for Metal Retention Material
Contains: One (15 g) bottle of RETENTION BEADS II and one (10 mL) bottle of RETENTION BEADS II ADHESIVE.

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RETENTION BEADS II is designed for maximizing the retention of composite and acrylic resin to metal.

  • Low viscosity adhesive
    • Thinner applications
    • Optimal veneer aesthetics
    • Greater room for resin application
  • Fine 100 micron bead
    • Allows for thin opaque layers and thicker dentin and enamel layers
    • Will not affect tooth color or shade
  • Multi-purpose
    • Use with composites, acrylics, crowns, bridges, and partial dentures
  • Yellow-colored beads
    • Contrasts against most wax
    • Easier to visually assess coverage and density of applied beads