GC Initial MC CST


Unique correction powders that do not alter the colour or the depth of translucency

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Every dental technician uses a variety of dentin, enamel and translucent powders to correct and compensate shape and volume changes. Unfortunately, these do not always guarantee an optimal result when it comes to achieving the desired hue, chroma and value.

That’s why GC developed the Chroma Shade Translucent (CST) powders: to facilitate corrections in this stage of the firing process. Thanks to the CST powders, the desired volume corrections can be made, respecting the chosen color and translucency depth. The final result? Excellent aesthetics and lifelike, natural results.


  • Only 4 foundation powders and 3 modifiers to create 16 Vita®-shades
  • Compact set including original shade guide and ceramic measuring spoons
  • Compatible with the GC Initial MC line