GC Initial IQ – Press Concept


One Body, Press-over-Metal and Press-over-Zircon
GC Initial IQ, the new one body, Press-over-Metal and Press-over-Zircon systems are feldspar based pressable ceramics that demonstrate unsurpassed lifelike aesthetics. The totally new technologies of pre-blended ingots and the GC Initial IQ Lustre Pastes add up to an internal Lightdynamic which exhibits unrivalled vitality and natural lustre. This totally new system is compact and easy to use, suitable to all dental technicians, fulfilling today’s competitive market demands, without sacrificing quality.

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Press-over-Metal is compatible with standard porcelain alloys (CTE range 13.8 to 14.9).
Press-over-Zircon is compatible with all Zr-based pressable and CAD/CAM technologies.
Lustre Pastes are newly developed 3-dimensional ceramic stains which can be applied in a thicker layer, creating colour deepness and lifelike translucency. Compatible to the Press-over-Metal technique as well to the Press-over-Zircon technique.

Intelligence Quintessence, a clever and compact summary of materials

  • Standard opaques from the GC Initial MC
  • Only 7 dentin and 3 bleach ingots, to cover all 16 shades of the Vitapan® Classical shade guide
  • 1 Neutral, 4 Body and 7 Enamel Effect pastes to cover all individual requirements

How to use
Initial IQ is a new Press-over concept for metal and zirconium frame structures. This concept offers for the first time the possibility to press posteriors and anteriors without further layering technique.


Weight 1 kg