GC Gradia Core


Aesthetic core build-up and post luting composite
With the intelligent system of GC GRADIA CORE, combined with Fiber Post or everStickPOST, you can offer your patients enduring restorations which are supporting the overlaying indirect restorations for a long time.

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GC GRADIA CORE combines luting and core build up into one product with ideal handling properties.
The dedicated self-etching, dual-cure bonding system reduces the procedure time. The finishing phase can already start from 5 minutes after the core build-up application.


  • Core build-up
  • Post cementation


GRADIA CORE is an ideal system for aesthetic core build-up and post luting in only one sitting.

  • Performant adhesion with minimum steps
    • No need for etching: the self-etching adhesive provides long-lasting adhesion in a minimum procedure time
    • The contact-cure between the bonding and the paste further secures an efficient polymerisation for a high bond strength
    • Very efficient self-cure mode ensuring safe adhesion, even in the early phase
  • Thanks to its optimal thixotropic behaviour, luting and core build-up can be done with the same material
    • GRADIA CORE will flow into the canal for easy post insertion
    • The material will stay in place and can be built-up without matrix
  • Cutting feeling similar to dentin
  • Radiopacity superior to ename