GC G-ænial Flo


Create æ-motion with the flowables from GC

Are you looking for a flowable composite with extra indications where optimal handling, long lasting restorations and ideal aesthetics are key requirements? GC has created G-ænial Flo and G-ænial Universal Flo; two materials with a unique filler technology. Unlike other flowable composites they have a higher filler load and a homogeneous dispersion of fillers.

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G-ænial Flo offers an intelligent and convenient solution to the problems of traditional flowables:

G-ænial Flo is an easy to use, radiopaque flowable composite with all the necessary features to give optimal clinical results:

  • As a liner or block undercuts
  • In a tunnel preparation
  • For restoration of small defects
  • As a fissure sealant

Wettability and fluidity
A concern for any dentist when applying the first layer of a composite, is the wettability of the material and the adaptation to the cavity walls.

G-ænial Flo allows for an easy and fluid placement. The material benefits from high wettability, allowing perfect adaptation to the cavity walls, avoiding air entrapment.

The radiopacity of G-ænial Flo is about 230% Al, which is higher than enamel, so the material is easily differentiated from the tooth structure allowing easy x-ray follow-up.

Well balanced physical properties that are perfectly adapted to the product’s indications.

Shade range
G-ænial Flo completes the range offering 8 shades including 2 opaque shades. G-ænial Flo is an ideal partner for G-ænial Anterior & Posterior.

Economical & ergonomical dispensing
Both G-ænial Universal Flo & G-ænial Flo products are brought to you in a specially designed syringe that offer:

  • An ergonomic solution: the product is dispensed smoothly while the syringe size is large enough to provide a comfortable grip.
  • An easy application: the nozzle surface is textured so that the paste does not stick to it.
  • An economical advantage: the residual paste in the syringe is minimal: less than 0.04 mL.


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