GC Fuji II, LC Improved, Powder & Liquid


Fuji II LC from GC:
Light-cured glass ionomer restorative Clinically proven

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Fuji II LC restorative brings you all the advantages of a conventional glass ionomer – plus important advances like dual curing, immediate finishing and outstanding aesthetics. With its simple, time-saving technique it is the ideal solution for many indications. Fuji II LC prevents marginal leakage, eliminates sensitivity and provides superior fluoride release, many times more than its competitors.

Although designed primarily as a restorative material for use in Class III, V and deciduous teeth, GC Fuji II LC is a multipurpose material, with secondary indications such as liner, base and core build-up.

GC Fuji II LC is the worldwide leading light-cured glass ionomer restorative because of its important advantages
• Small particles offering excellent aesthetics and polishability
• Higher filler loading for significantly improved abrasion resistance
• Good radiopacity to facilitate postoperative diagnosis
• Self-adhesive and hydrophilic