GC Closed-bite Trays


Check-Bite Triple Function, Sideless Triple Function and Double Arch Trays
Whether you need triple function trays or bite registration trays, GC has an economical, disposable and sturdy solution in the size you are looking for.

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  • Micro-thin, flexible mesh
         Does not impinge on retromolar area, nor interfere with full closure
  • Strong integral handle and framework
         For easy tray placement and removal
  • Available in anterior and posterior styles
         For adequate arch coverage
  • Cost-effective


  • GC Check-Bite Triple Function trays: To take a working impression, counter impression and bite registration in one procedure.
  • GC Sideless Triple Function: Adjustable to 4 full arch positions
  • GC Double Arch Tray: Produce a pair of complimentary models in true occlusal relationship.


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