Gutta Core

  • Confidence to the end

    Whether you perform one root canal treatment per month or one per hour, it’s all about having confidence in your technique.

    GuttaCore® gives you that confidence with its warm gutta-percha that you send flowing three-dimensionally throughout the entire canal system with the ease of a single insertion. Create a better obturation experience compared to cold lateral or warm vertical techniques for you and your patients with GuttaCore.


  • Navigate the most challenging canals with confidence

    Warm Gutta-Percha flowability

    Once heated, will flow and follow the natural anatomy of the root canal system

    Fills the entire canal anatomy

    Centrally compacts the surrounding warm flowable gutta-percha three-dimensionally

    Overcomes challenging canals

    Ability to follow the natural canal anatomy lets you obturate even challenging canals with confidence

    Efficient technique

    Offers the ease of a single insertion so patients spend less time in your chair

    Research on GuttaCore’s effectiveness

    Delivers the highest gutta-percha content with fewer apical and coronal voids than cold lateral or warm vertical. 1

    Significantly lower retreatment time than Thermafil Plus and Warm Vertical techniques. 2

    Achieved a better fill than cold lateral or warm vertical in the critical final 3-5 mm of working length. 3

    1. According to published research by Dr. Franklin Tay and colleagues.
    2. Internal testing. Data on file.
    3. According to published research by Drs. Smith, Weller, Loushine, Kimbrough.

    GuttaCore for WaveOne Gold

    Two proven systems. One complete solution.

    Now the three-dimensional fill of GuttaCore is paired perfectly with the predictability of WaveOne Gold shaping. GuttaCore for WaveOne Gold obturators are sized and color-coded to precisely match the WaveOne Gold file system so you can shape and obturate with confidence.


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