Wave One Gold

  • Surf the canal with confidence

    The WaveOne® Gold solution brings together proven products designed to work together into one endodontic system for efficiency and confidence in a variety of cases.


  • Simplicity for you, safety for patients

    Patient safety

    Increases patient safety, while reducing shaping time across a wide range of cases

    Optimized file tip

    The file tip is optimized with enhanced design features from leading endodontists

    Matching obturation

    Includes obturation products designed to match the shape and fit of WaveOne Gold

    One complete solution

    Provides a comprehensive treatment solution to promote confidence and predictable shape

    WaveOne Gold reciprocating files

    • Enhanced safety, flexibility and cutting efficiency
    • Streamlined shaping technique that you and your assistant will appreciate
    • Four sizes to accommodate more canal anatomies

    WaveOne Gold Glider

    Optimize your shaping preparation with a single reciprocating glide path file that is part of the WaveOne Gold solution.

    • Respects the natural shape of the canal
    • Increases patient safety with enhanced flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue*
    • Sterile and ready for single use, which preserves cutting efficiency, reduces breakage and prevents cross contamination


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